Jual: Steel H-550 ANTITHERM FF

Heat Resisting Steel H-550 ANTITHERM FF

Kategori: Carbon Steel
Product: Steel H-550 ANTITHERM FF


we Sell Heat Resisting Steel H-550 ANTITHERM FF round bar and Plate, Delivery Serving throughout Indonesia. Do not hesitate to contact us:


Heat treatment shops; boxes and pots, muffles, retorts, jigs and fixture, furnace and steam boiler construction; Grates and grate segments, fittings and conveyor parts, and walking beams, rails, pistons, axle rollers, doors, slides, flaps, casings, recuperators, fans, super heater suspensions, pipe clamps, soot blower tubes. Glass porcelain, enamelling, cement and ceramics industries; Burner nozzlels, rings, segment and other parts for rotary and lepols klins. General engineering; Grate bars, valves and spindles, stirring arms and teeth, thermocouple protecting tubes, fitting, drums screws, nuts, rivets, petroleum industry: Tubes and turbular parts
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