Jual: S-705 ISORAPID

Kategori: Carbon Steel
Product: S-705 ISORAPID
Description: Source: Beyond-steel Indonesia
More than 250 different grades of PM steel, high speed steel, tool steel and special materials. Available as rolled or forged bar in dimensions tailored to suit your needs. As bright steel in coils or bars or as polished, precision-drawn high speed and tool steel. Also available with a rough-machined, rough ground or precision ground surface finish.
Alternatively available as semi-finished product or forged product with a piece weight of up to 40 t.

BÖHLER High Speed Steels
BÖHLER high speed steels are used for machine tools such as drills, hobs and broaching tools and in some cold forming applications. The properties required here are wear resistance, hot hardness and toughness which prevents shelling of cutting edges. This guarantees high tool life, low maintenance and down times, and ensures a reproducible production process.Our high performance powder metallurgical high speed steels are a speciality. They are the mainstay in this demanding market segment.
BÖHLER high performance special steels: a cut above the rest.
Taps, twist drills, reamers, broaching tools, metal saws, milling tools of all types, woodworking tools. Cold work tools
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