Jual: Plat Bisclad Chromium Carbide Mild Steel

Product: Bisclad
Kategori: Chromium Carbide Clad Mild Steel Plate

Bisclad is a chromium carbide clad mild steel plate offering outstanding wear life for areas subject to sliding abrasion wear.
Bisclad can be rolled, bent, weld use low hydrogen 7018 electrode and cut with plasma arc. All cutting should be from the mild steel side, otherwise chromium and carbon will contaminate mild steel base and cause a brittle weld.
Bisclad can be supplied with the following means of attachment:
  • Plug weld holes
  • Stud welded studs to mild steel
  • Countersunk holes
• Wear plates for draglines
• Shovel
• Hopper
• Skid Plates
• Chutes
• Deflector
• Slurry Pipes
• Dust Pipes

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