Jual: SM490 Welded Structure Steel Plates


Product: SM490
Kategori: Welded Structural Steel Plates

Material: SM490
Standard: JIS G3106

Steel grade SM490 is a low carbon, high strength for weld structural steel. Easy for weld and
good cold forming properties.
Types: SM490 YA, SM490 YB

Chemical Composition: (which depend on product form and thickness)
C:   0.18% max, and for thicker grades 0.22% max
Mn   1.60% max
Si  0.55% max
P  0.035% max
S 0.035% max
Note; other alloy elements may be added as necessary (Ni, Cr and Cu)

Yield Strength  3500-4030 kgf/cm2
Ultimate Tensile Strength 5400-5720 kgf/cm2

Machinery parts, mobile equipment, crane, boom, chassis, buildings, bridges and most structural activities.

Thickness: 6 - 60 mm
Size: 1500x3000, 2500x6000
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