Jual: Plat S45C

Harga*: Plat S45CKategori*: Steel
Deskripsi*: Product Description
Carbon steel S45C Standard
Round Bar: Φ 3.2~200mm
Flat: 10~90*205~305mm or
Square bar
S45C is a medium strength steel. Suitable for shafts studs, keys etc. Available as rolled or normalised. Supplied as square bar, or round bar or flat. They are excelling in weldability & machinability , and they can be subjected to various heat treatments. Based on JIS G 4051-2009
Standard punch head, special punch head and thread rolling tool requiring high precision, long service and abrasion resistance. Various machining tools, e. G. Lathe bit, milling cutter, drill bit, screw tap, round saw and other metal machining tools and wood machining tools. Also suitable for manufacture of forming tools, e. G. Cold extrusion head, extrusion die, punch dies of long service life, and plastic molds of high precision and long service life.
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