Jual: Plat DIN 34NiCrMo6 Steel or Equivalent

Harga Jual*: Plat DIN 34NiCrMo6 Steel or Equivalent
Kategori*: Steel
Deskripsi*: A high strength alloy steel with high hardenability, toughness and fatigue resistance. Can be surface hardened and has good machinability in the annealed condition. Used for gears, shafts, axles of large section.
E & G SD50; AISI 4340, Assab 705
NiMo6; Vibrac 30;Thyssenkrupp 6582
Highly stressed components with large cross section for aircraft, automotive and mechanical engineering, such as propeller shaffts, connecting rods, gear shaffts, landing gear components.
Heavy forgings, such as rotors, shaffts and discs. For economic performance under severe dynamic stresses, parts must by designed for optimum strength.
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