Jual XAR 400 Thyssenkrupp Abrasion Steel

Product: Steel XAR 400

Kategori: Abrasion Resistant Steel

Distributor, stockist, importir, suplier dan agen, Steel harga murah, Stahl Brinar 400, XAR Wear Resistant Steel, XAR 300, XAR HT, XAR 400, XAR 400 W, XAR 450, XAR 500, XAR 550, XAR 600, XAR Thyssenkrupp Steel. Plate thickness from 3 mm to 100 mm.


Wear exposed structures e.q. excavating, mining and earth moving machinery, truck dump bodies, conveying, crushing and pulverizing equipment, scrap presses, paving moulds and in switch manufacturing.

Chemical Composition

C : 0.20%
Si : 0.80%
Mn: 1.50%
P : 0.025%
S : 0.010%
Cr: 1.00%
Mo: 0.50%
B : 0.005%

Mechanical Properties
Delivery Condition: Quenched or quenched and tempered
Hardness at room temperature: 370 – 430 HBW
Tags: Thyssenkrupp steel,jual plat, harga sole agent,

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